The Bridal shower is a great opportunity for a brides’ friends and family to give her gifts that will help her start her new life. This is an old tradition that started to help brides who did not have their own dowry for various reasons. So to make up for it family and friends would come together to give her gifts to help her start her new life. The bridal party is now a staple wedding event and is considered as a wedding pre party. One tradition that is very much alive at a Bridal Shower is party games. If you are a maid of honor planning the Bridal shower for your friend or family member here are some great games that you can play that will be sure to entertain the attendees at your Bridal shower.

Have a game of Bridal Family Feud. Have guests split up into teams. Before the party starts, look up survey on the top wedding traditions and items. The aim of the game is for each team to earn points by guessing the most common answer to trivia questions. The team that answers the most questions correctly wins.

Another game is bridal bingo. Make or purchase wedding themed bingo cards and call out the various wedding words. The person who has a full row completed and shouts bingo will win. The point of the game is to play something everyone young and old can enjoy and tie it to the upcoming nuptials.

Have a game of charades. Have the guests split up into groups and pantomime common marriage and bridal terms, customs, or items. The goal is for each team to correctly guess the bridal topic being acted out. This is a game that will get everyone moving and excited.

An interesting game is the Bling Bling Ring game. In this game guests are given plastic diamond rings upon arriving. When everyone has received a ring and has gotten settled they all twist their rings. The ring that starts to flash is the winning ring. This is a great door prize game and everyone can keep the rings as great mementos of the bridal shower.

You can also have a relay game. Split up the more nimble guests into teams. Each team will have to do small tasks that a wife normally does such as make a bed, clean a room, and cook a meal. At the end of the relay the last person has to dress up in full gear as housewife, office worker, or bride.

You can also have the shower at a bowling alley. Have a couple of games and see who can get the best score. This is a great way to bond with family especially if bowling is a family activity that is done regularly.

A great bridal shower game to play is Honey Moon. In Honey Moon the bride is blindfolded and she is given a pile of clothes and a suitcase. Her job is within a certain time limit to pack for her honey moon. At the end of the time period she has to wear whatever she packed over her own clothes. Then everyone can take pictures of the funny result. This is a great way for everyone at the party to create fun memories of the bridal shower.

Source by Aaron Hu

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