Traditional bridal showers have some charm of their own but you are interested into something more atypical and original. Looking for alternatives could be difficult since many people feel uncertain about breaking out of the cliché.

A bridal shower involves games and activities that keep guests entertained. A number of games have been designed especially for the needs of ladies who are having fun with a bride-to-be.

Alternative activities could be selected to replace the typical bridal shower games. These will add a degree of originality while making the party truly entertaining and stylish. Activities can be selected on the basis of the theme and the preferences of the guests invited to the party.


Have a dance-themed bridal shower. This will help you both in terms of choosing a theme and activities for guests.

It can be a specific dance or a party dedicated to a certain period – the disco era, for example. To make it even more attractive, you can hire professional dancers or an instructor that will help the guests learn some great, new moves.

Tea or Food Making

Instead of playing games, you can teach people some interesting new recipes and ceremonies related to food preparation and presentation.

You can have a Japanese tea ceremony. It is connected to beautiful traditions and steps that the ladies will enjoy. In addition, it is always nice to learn something more about a great culture.

Food making can be fun, as well. You can give guests the chance to make cocktails or their favorite types of sundaes.

A Spa Day

The bride-to-be is certainly stressed out. All of the wedding preparation steps have gotten her tired and anxious. Give her a chance to relax and hold the bridal shower at a spa center or hotel.

Spa procedures for all of the ladies are a wonderful alternative. They will get a chance to relax and to spend some quality time with the bride-to-be while getting pampered.

Food and Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is sophisticated, classy and intriguing. Most ladies love wine and they would certainly love to do some tasting during the bridal shower.

Wine and food tasting will replace traditional games. Hire a professional, who will show the guests how wine needs to be tested, how its color and scent get examined. Having platters of cheeses alongside the wine is another amazing idea.

The bridal shower could focus on the tasting of any other food or beverage. Pick something that corresponds to the theme.

Go Traveling

Girls can get a weekend of travel before the bride-to-be’s wedding day. This type of bridal shower will create memories for a lifetime. Choose a destination that the bride-to-be is interested in. Make sure that the place is easy to go to and that the majority of guests will be capable of traveling.

Various types of alternatives to bridal shower games exist for hostesses that don’t like party games. If you are clueless about the best option, think about the bride-to-be’s favorite activities and hobbies. Her preferences could become your party inspiration.

Source by Misha Anatolia

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