Those throwing a Bridal Shower will certainly be concerned that guests who are strangers will be so uncomfortable that the party doesn’t go well however these concerns can be addressed with Bridal Shower games to break the ice at a gathering. A fun bridal shower game that will certainly require a willing bride and groom is the ‘Honeymoon Dress up’ game. Have the guests each bring and odd or unusual piece of clothing to the party and when its time to play the game blindfold the bride and groom. Tell them that you and the other guests brought some clothing for their wedding night that they’d like them to try on. Hand them the pieces of clothing that each of the guests brought and let them figure out how to put the clothing on over their normal clothing of course using only their sense of touch. Meanwhile all the guests will be laughing at the hilarity of the bride and grooms antics. At the end take off their blindfolds and let them see each other in their ‘seductive’ honeymoon evening wear. You can put together a simple version of the ‘The Newly Wed Game’ to play at the party. This will give everyone an idea of how well the bride and groom really know each other. Before the party starts or during take each partner aside and ask them a set of questions about themselves. Then get everyone together with the couple and begin asking the opposite partners questions. Inevitably something funny will pop out of the bride or groom’s mouth in answer to a simple but misleading question. To help the guests really get acquainted with each other you can set up a mini matching service during the party. As guests even the couples arrive have them fill out forms with basic questions about their likes and dislikes then after everyone has arrived go through the forms and match up people with similar tastes. Announce your results to the party and symbolically tie together those with similar tastes using a piece of yarn or ribbon. You can tie them together at the wrists or legs. They then have to spend the rest of the party that way and thus get to know each other. If you’d like you can have a length of ribbon between the matched up guests so that they don’t have to coordinate their movements too much in order to get around.


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