Bridal showers have long been a rite of passage for young women who are getting ready to get married. It’s a fun time for women to gather and share their advice and experience about marriage with the young woman who is about to take the plunge. However, bridal showers are also a time for fun and frivolity. Bridal shower games inject a lot of life, personality, and laughter into the party.

In recent years, the trend has leaned toward personality centered bridal showers, even theme bridal showers. Even if you’re not going to go all out with a theme, though, most brides really want their bridal shower to reflect who they are as an individual, who they are on the inside.

Naturally, if the bride is a Christian, particularly if she is very involved in the church and committed to her faith, then she would want to include her Christianity as a central theme of her bridal shower, just as it is a central theme of her personality.

In fact, in many instances, Christian bridal showers will actually be held in the church where the wedding is taking place, which is usually the church where the bride, and most often times the groom also, attends church on a weekly basis. This in itself lends a Christian theme to the party.

But what really defines bridal showers? The cake? The gifts? The chatting and mingling? Of course not! The hallmark of any bridal shower is the games. So to make it a truly Christian bridal shower, you need to have Christian bridal shower games.

This takes creativity, but it can be done. By putting a Christian spin on some classics, you can have a beautiful and fun Christian bridal shower complete with Christian bridal shower games.

Source by Heather Jensen

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