Unique bridal shower games can let this fun party that comes before her wedding almost as special for the bride as the big day itself. For the one planning the shower, coming up with games can sometimes be intimidating and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Incorporating these bridal shower games into the festivities is easier to do than you think. Here are just a few games to get you started with making plans for your loved one’s shower.

“Musical Flowers” is one of many unique bridal shower games. Buy an artificial bridal bouquet or make one of your own with real flowers. As a special touch, the flowers can match those that the bride will carry at her actual wedding. Have the shower guests stand in a circle while wedding songs are played. The person that is in control of the music will stop it periodically and the guest holding the flowers when the music stops is out of the game. The last one standing wins. As a prize and memory of the shower, the winner can take home the flower bouquet.

Another fun game to play is “Bridal Trivia”. In this game begin with giving out pre-printed questions about the bride-to-be. The questions can be anything from the bride’s favorite animal to her favorite wine selection. This game would be given a set time in which the guests could answer as many questions as possible. Once the timer goes off everyone should stop writing. The guest to answer the most questions correctly wins this unique bridal shower game.

A big favorite among the unique bridal shower games is “Bridal Balderdash”. In this game the bride has to work with the hostess ahead of time to come up with some funny facts about her relationship with the groom to be. Then the hostess will come up with a few things on her own that sound like they could be true but actually aren’t. Write both the truths on index cards.

Source by Michael Mizuuchi

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