A wedding is meant to be truly exciting and unforgettable because it’s supposed to happen only once in your lifetime. This is the focal point of a boyfriend- girlfriend relationship, wherein you have decided to take a leap and share the rest of your life with the one you truly love. Wedding preps is not an easy thing to do; you’ll have to deal with a lot of dilemmas in the process alone.

Luckily, there are friends and relatives that can help you in your wedding preps. Most women look forward to a bridal shower thrown by close friends and relatives of both parties.

Wedding shower themes should define the couple to-be. This should meticulously be picked because since it’s a once in a lifetime experience. Coed wedding showers are popular today and with a mix of couples or single male and female friends, it’s good to go with a neutral wedding shower theme such as a barbeque or beach party. This way no one will feel awkward because they can relate fairly well not just with the event but also with the theme. The gifts from the guests needs not be in line with the theme but in as much as possible proper coordination should be followed.

Another thing that makes up a fabulous and wonderful party is to prepare a set of unique bridal shower games. Games are meant to get everyone into the right mood. This is actually one of the most anticipated parts in a bridal shower.

There are lots of unique bridal shower games that can be played such as:

1. Bridal shower bingo– this is played like a traditional Bingo, but instead of numbers, you have to mark words such as “Fun”, “Wish”, “Congrats”, etc. For double treats, you can give each of the players a personalized lifesaver mints to mark the words that have been called. And when someone says “Bingo” guests will have the opportunity to eat the lifesaver thus making everyone a winner.

2. Bridal shower trivia game– This is a card game that provides different statistics, facts and everything you need to know about weddings. This is a good way to make your guests entertained at the same time gain knowledge about weddings. The game is played by asking each guests a question from the card, the fastest with a correct answer gets a prize.

3. Banana- eating contest– this is actually one of my favorites, but this is meant for exclusive female guests shower party only. A unique bridal shower game that will bring out the kinkiness of every female attendees. The objective of the game is simple; whoever gets to finish eating the banana first wins the game. Sounds simple, but you have to do this by not holding the banana! Can you do it? Try it, it’s really fun!

Source by Shermain Pascual

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