The bridal shower is an integral part of the planning for any wedding. The bride and her friends get together for an evening of girlie fun and gifts. For the organiser it is a good idea to bear in mind that your responsibilities are not only to ensure a smooth event but also to build in to the party some gentle games and activities to get everyone in to it. Here are a few games you might incorporate in to your bridal shower.

If you are the organiser of just know the groom well, ask him some questions about him before the shower and get the answers from him. Hopefully his betrothed will get them right. At a point in the shower, ask the bride to be the questions and see how many she gets right, how well she knows her husband to be. A little harmless fun.

A classic bridal shower game is the toilet paper wedding dress. Split the attendees in to pairs or small teams, say no more than four per team. Each team is given a couple of toilet rolls from which they must make a “wedding dress” from using one of their team members as the model. Throw in some cheap accessories and jewellery to spruce up the dressmaking a little. After the teams have finished, the bride acts as judge and awards a suitable prize to the winners.

Staying with a clothing-related theme another game you can build in is all about the bride to be. A little bit of pretend role playing. The scenario is that she’s on honeymoon with her new husband but there’s a power cut and she has to get dressed in the dark. To simulate this, blindfold her and all have a bit of a giggle as the poor thing tries to look her best whilst in the dark without the aid of a mirror sing only the clothes you put within reach for her.

Play gift bingo. This one is easy. Nominate somebody to make up enough bingo cards so there is one for each guest. In the squares write in the names of gifts the bride might receive at the shower mixing them up so all the bingo cards are different. As the bride opens her gifts, each player crosses out the name of that gift if it is on their card. Once somebody has marked off all the gifts on their card they are the winner and awarded a prize. Though if the bride opens all her gifts without bingo being called the winner is the person who has the most gifts crossed off their card.

Bridal memory: This game will test the memory and observation of guests. Without telling them in advance that it’s going to happen, at a random point during the evening the bride leaves the room for a few minutes. All the guests are given a sheet of paper asking questions about the bride and what she’s been wearing – for example hair colour, hair up or down, blouse colour, what jewellery she is wearing and so forth. As ever, the person with the most correct answers is awarded a small prize.

With a little preparation – not forgetting the prizes to be given to the winners – the introduction of some simple games in to the bridal shower can help everyone to get in to it and have a great time sending the bride to be off in to her married life with fond memories of one of her last nights with her friends as a single woman.

Source by Andy Machin

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