While a wedding ceremony is a solemn affair, a wedding shower is the place to let your hair down and have all the fun you can. Wedding showers have always been around, but now they are also in vogue. They are a separate and totally fun event; a place where the bride, groom and the guests can open up and have loads of fun.

The maid of honor, the best man, close friends, or family of the bride and groom usually organize wedding showers. A lot of planning goes into organizing the event like selecting a theme, food and drink, and loads of fun games.

Whoever said games are just for kids? Games are for everyone and all events and a wedding shower is no exception. The entire shower becomes a fun and memorable event, thanks to a number of games.

It falls on the head of the person planning the wedding shower to think of new, innovative and fun games to keep the crowd entertained. It becomes more of a task if the crowd is a mixed one, so as not to offend anyone’s sensibilities. However, if the person planning the shower does their research properly, the shower will become a hit and be remembered for years to come.

Tips On Choosing Wedding Shower Games

Know your Audience – Before planning games, it is important to know the people who will be attending the shower. If they are people unknown to each other, games would be a good idea to get them to break the ice and interact, but if they are already known to each other, a totally different set of games needs to be introduced. In the first case, it would be a good idea to have easy going games, whereas in the second instance, it would be OK to have games of a more personal nature.

Games Are Not Always Necessary – Just because games are available as an option is no reason to force them on a wedding shower. Sometimes, people would like to have a more personal evening, talking and reminiscing with each other, in which case, games would be more of a hindrance and something to get over and done with. This would be a worst case scenario – forcing people to play games when no one really wants to and would spoil the mood of the shower. So, it is important to know when to include games and when to let them be.

Do Not Offend – While it is OK to have personal games (only if you know your audience well enough), it is also important to know when and where to draw the line. Do not go overboard in trying to have a good time; do not offend anyone’s personal, religious, or sentimental sensibilities. That is sure to dampen the spirit of the wedding shower.

Lastly, choose interactive games, but remember the stars of the occasion are the bride and groom and everyone should get a chance to interact and mingle with them.

Source by L Hayes

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