Wedding showers can often times be boring. In fact, recently I have noticed a small attendance at the showers I have been invited to. Honestly, I sometimes send my regrets in favor of a more adventurous engagement. It is wonderful when an attendee is able to go to a party and leave having had continual laughs, learned new games, and made some friends.

The last shower I attended had the kind of crowd that liked to “party.” We played three games that I just loved. I will detail two of these in this article. The first game we played was ongoing throughout the entire shower. The hostess had tons of old magazines (including National Geographic among others!). She had a large foam board with the title: “(Bride’s Name), Honeymoon in Pictures.” There were tons of markers, glue, tape, and paper for the shower attendees to put together a collage of funny pictures along with captions to create a “take home” gift for the groom. It was so much fun and we all tapped into our creative side. Since that game was sort of ongoing, we played towards the end of the evening another “unique” contest.

We played, “Pin the tail on the Bride’s Butt.” Instead of using the traditional “donkey,” the hostess ahead of time asked the bride to “bear it and share it.” She took a picture of the bride’s backside as it was mooned. The person who hit the “middle” was the winner of a basket that included some depends and hemorrhoid cream! It was so funny and a great adventure!

These two games are not for the traditional shower. Most hostesses know the crowd the bride wishes to invite. I suggest that the hostesses and the bride make sure that there is no one on the list who would be offended by the raucous! Playing games such as these, moves away from the traditional and provides a party that makes its attendees glad they came. After our party, we talked at every other shower about the fun we had. The next time I plan a shower, I will include these games. I am hoping due to the great time, all my showers will have better attendance!

Source by Michael Gentleman

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