Everyone loves to hear a moving speech but when it comes to giving one, many tend to get cold feet. However, there is nothing to be ashamed of since none of us are born with the gift of speaking extempore. One of the places you cannot escape your duty of making a speech is at your own, your son’s, or daughter’s wedding. For a father groom speech is not the only one that needs to be personal, humorous, and moving. Your speech has to be equally well interspersed with a bit of emotion and with. A bit of advice for your son and a toast to the newly married couple are essential elements of a father groom speech. Putting in a few lines about ‘lessons learned’ when expressed properly can be very poignant.

Now, the important thing is to note a few points you wish to add to your speech. Do a bit of research and take a trip down memory lane. This will help to highlight some of the best moments in your son’s childhood and teenage years. Call up a few close friends and have them put in their bit as well. A few touching moments and a few humorous ones will make the perfect blend for your speech. As a father groom speech is the one you can take some last minute cues from. However, for that you will need to keep a pen handy on the big day and make a note of what your son says before you grace the stage.

Once you have an outline the next step is to prepare a draft. Your wedding speech must begin with a brief introduction about yourself. Undoubtedly, there will be a few guests that don’t know you. Keep it short and then concentrate on the body of your speech. The body must contain a few remarkable stories about the newlyweds and of them as individuals. You can do with a bit of creativity and express yourself well. Use metaphors, a few flashy words, and paint a clear picture. That’s what a good wedding speech is all about. It shouldn’t seem like you are simply saying it just because you have to. As a father groom speech is the one to give a befitting reply to. The body of your speech must contain a few friendly pointers. Don’t make is a marital discourse though. The couple will have plenty of time to experience marital life as the months and years roll by.

The conclusion of your speech is what can have a lasting impact on the audience including the newlyweds. You can end with a love quote, or a humorous yet meaningful story. A word of thanks for the guests who graced the occasion, the bride’s family, and family and friends that helped organize the wedding is appropriate in the closing lines of your speech. To end, extend your wishes to the couple, as you ask the guests to raise their glasses in a toast to a lifetime of love and happiness for the newlyweds. A word of advice, don’t compare as a father groom speech with what you have to say. Obviously, your son may have a different perspective on a few issues.

Don’t forget to practice your speech so that you are brimming with confidence on the big day. No sweaty hands, no dry pharynx, no loud heart beats…… all you need is a bit of preparation.

Source by Jonathan Brady

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