Just like the wedding speeches you will find that Jewish celebrate their weddings with a bit less more excitement than the Irish do. However the Jews will still jump around and shout when it comes to celebrating the union of the two who have gotten married. They usually raise them up on chairs and run around with them on their shoulders.

Jewish toasts however do not mean that the toasts should only be said at Jewish weddings alone. They can also be said in normal traditional weddings where there is not even a Jew in site and this also applies to Irish wedding toasts.

This toast must be short, sweet and to the point. Adding a little humor will obviously get people more interested in what you are saying and will keep them more entertained and interested to hear more on what you have to say.

If you are nervous that you will slip up when giving your toast it would be better if you first practiced what you are going amongst friends and family. Also make sure you portray yourself more confident and try using some jokes as well as your body to describe some of what you are talking about this will keep all eyes on you and you will find that people will really enjoy your speech and not notice any mistakes even if do make any.

You can get most of this Jewish toast online and some you will have to pay for but the amount is not that much and some you will find are free. But nowadays it looks like most of the sites are asking for a little cash, but I say the toasts are still worth paying for because you probably do not have the skill of putting pen to paper.

Source by Peter Gitundu

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