Giving this speech is a big deal as you are presenting a speech on one of the most important day of the couple’s life. This means that you want to make sure you deliver the best speech you can or else things could go wrong. While you may be nervous because of this speech, there are easy ways to deliver an amazing speech, so do not worry!

First of all, looking at wedding speech examples is a great idea as you get a general idea of what you are supposed to do. This does not mean copy the template of their speech, but rather learn the general tone or idea of the speech.

There are numerous types of speeches. A common speech is a humorous wedding speech to brighten up the mood of the wedding. You want to make sure you deliver a speech that fits your personality. For example, if you are a comical and enjoyable type of person who is always happy, it would be perfect suitable for you to deliver a funny speech. You do not want to be someone who you are not in your speech!

You also do not want to do deliver certain elements in the speech that may ruin the current mood of the wedding. For example, adding in a sad or terrible event may suddenly trigger an emotional feeling that may decline and negatively impact the mood of the wedding. If you look at wedding speech examples, you will not see speeches that have elements that may ruin the mood of the wedding.

If you plan on doing a humorous wedding speech, make sure it does not sound like a total joke; this is not a stand up comedy competition. Instead, it is just to get some laughs and brighten the mood of the wedding!

Source by Julian Potter

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