As the father of the blushing bride on her special day, you will be tasked with one of the very most important speeches of the evening. You are in a very thankful position in that you of course will already know your daughter well and will undoubtedly have hundreds of stories of her past to tell. Of all of the people whom she has requested makes a speech, you have very few excuses to be stuck for words, but that is easier said than done.

Talk From the Heart

Talking from the heart doesn’t necessarily mean pouring all of your emotions out in front of your entire audience, but refers more to the act of thinking carefully about your feelings and how to express them. You can begin by introducing yourself to the guests, as father of the bride. They will probably all know this but it is just a courtesy and is a nice way to begin your speech. A very traditional thing to do also is to ask the audience to raise their glasses for your daughter and new son-in-laws special day. Thank the audience for coming and begin your speech.

Age Old Stories

Whether you are a traditional man or very modern, speaking in a heartfelt manner will not be seen as less manly in this situation, so don’t worry about things like that. Of course, it would be a little uncouth for you  to shed tears in front of an entire audience, but showing a little emotion will do no harm. After all, the daughter sat beside you was once your little girl, and she has since grown up into a beautiful young woman, old enough to get married. Depending on how much time you wish to dedicate to your speech decides how many subject areas that you can cover in that time. Some fathers of the bride tend to only touch on their daughter’s early years, whilst others linger and tell long stories about her mishaps as a child.

End on a Happy Note

At this point near the end of your speech, the audience of family and close friends will have been listening intently to stories of your daughter’s childhood and reliving every moment with you. The next and final story to tell will be that of the future, of how you wish them to live together happily ever after. You could talk about how she talked of her adult life whilst she was still a child and how it compares with now, it might even be exactly how she imagined it. Either way, finish by asking the members of the audience to raise their glass and wish the happy couple a very prosperous future together.

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