Listening to wedding speeches is one of the most awaited highlights of a wedding. As each speaker gives his and her personal message for the newly wedded couple, the audience participates in delight by responding to the speech or accepting the toast and giving a warm applause afterwards.

In a traditional wedding, the Father of the Bride is usually the first to be asked for a speech, followed by the Best Man, the Father of the Groom and the Maid of Honor. The Groom and Bride are usually the last ones to give their own speeches after all the speakers have finished. In some cultures, the Mother of the Bride or the Mother of the Groom may be also requested to give a speech.

Truly, giving a speech during a special occasion like a wedding is an honor and privilege. If you are one of the speakers, you should make the effort to prepare your speech at least a week before the actual day of the occasion. This way, you can recite your speech with conviction and confidence.

Some people may say that they don’t have the gift to speak in public. In reality, it is normal to feel nervous when speaking in front of a crowd, especially if it is your first time to do so. Nevertheless, you should never let nervousness take over. With preparation and practice, you should be able to deliver a memorable and meaningful wedding speech.

It is a good idea to recite or read aloud the speech you created after you have finished writing it down. If you want, you may ask friends or family members to be your audience as you practice the delivery of your speech. This way, you can get the actual feel of speaking in front of the audience and build up your confidence, one day at a time.

You can start by reading sample wedding speeches that you can find from books and from the internet. Find a good resource and choose a speech that you can best relate with. You can follow the pattern of the speech, changing the details that are applicable to your situation. What matters most is that the words you will say would be from the heart.

Source by James A. McDonald

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