Making wedding toasts might sound like fun, but it is not at all easy! If you are the best man, you will have to make one. Even if you are not, you might want to toast the bride and groom. This might not sound like a big deal now, but when you stand up with the glass in hand, you will start sweating bullets, if you are not sure exactly what you are going to say!

There are plenty of ways of making a hit with wedding toasts. If you want to toast the newly wed couple, it follows naturally that you probably know either the bride, or the groom, or both, quite well. So make it special – wedding toasts that have a personal touch go down much better than something that sounds as if you read it from a greeting card.

But be careful about how personal you get. Pulling the groom’s leg is usually acceptable, but if you pull the bride’s leg too much, you are liable to get seriously hurt – making a girl look stupid on her dream day is no joking matter, at least for her!

Funny wedding toasts are quite acceptable, but there should be something sentimental these somewhere. Starting with a joke or a funny anecdote about the couple, and then going on to something more serious is a nice way of handling a toast – it will keep the guests entertained and keep the couple happy, the two objectives that wedding toasts have.

Once you have an idea of what you want to say, you have to make sure that you word it right. The best intentions can go down the drain if you use just one little wrong word! You always have to keep in mind that the couple will naturally want the day to be perfect, with nothing going wrong. A badly worded wedding toast can cast a gloom over the day for them, so getting it perfect is very, very important.

It might take some time, but once you know exactly what you have to say, your job will be half done. Now you have to practice saying it. In fact, making a wedding toast is like making a small but incredibly crucial presentation. No matter how silly you might feel, you have to stand in front of the mirror and say it till you get the right tone, the right gestures and the right body language.

Now all you have to do is get up and deliver it – keep the toast written down and in your pocket, so that you do not get too nervous, and tell yourself you are confident until you believe it. Then tell yourself that it is not about you, but about a couple you care about. You can go ahead and do your bit to make their wedding day that much more special for them.

Source by Robert Grazian

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