The giving of wedding toasts and speeches has been long established. A lot of people have practiced speeches and toasts during the rehearsal dinner and the wedding reception. There is also a traditional order of wedding speeches that is followed for some years. Identifying the correct order of wedding speeches is important to avoid ruining the celebration.

The assigned wedding speakers are expected to deliver their speeches with lots of preparation. If one is not ready for his own speech, there is a tendency the order of giving toasts and speeches may be screwed. It will be an embarrassing situation for the couple among their wedding guests. To avoid this from happening, the couple must assign somebody to coordinate with the speakers before and during the wedding. The coordinator must remind the speakers to make their speech and give them the proper order of the delivery of speeches. Having a reliable master of ceremonies can keep the flow of the order of wedding speeches all throughout the event.

The first speaker who needs to render his speech is the father of the bride. He has the opportunity to welcome every guest from his relatives to his daughter’s friends and the groom’s family. The central point of his speech will focus about the bride. Then, he will welcome the groom by proposing a toast. After him, the father’s groom takes the turn to deliver his speech. He has to focus more about his son and welcome the bride to their family. Proposing wedding toasts is first offered by the fathers of the bride and the groom.

After the fathers, the groom will render his speech. The main course of his speech will be about the bride. He tells stories, testimonies and promises in connection with his beautiful bride. He is expected to thank everyone and recognize some people including his parents for their support. Then he will propose a toast as a way to celebrate the moment. Making his wife feel important and special is the goal the groom needs to achieve when he gives his speech.

The next speakers are the best man and the maid of honor. Most of the time, the best man and maid of honor are the closest friends or siblings of the couple. Hence, they both emphasize more about the groom and the bride. Allowing your best friends or siblings to become your best man and maid of honor is a huge privilege you can offer to them.

Lastly, the bridal speech finalizes the speech and toast moment. The bride talks about her husband and her appreciation toward her parents. She will also thank everyone for coming to their wonderful event and celebrating with them. Closing the speech is expected to be a sentimental and a memorable experience.

Source by Elizabeth M Smith

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