During the reception, the wedding toast to the new bride and groom is a great way for friends and family alike to wish the new couple well. Everyone is happy to welcome the new couple and wants to tell them how much they care. However, if everyone got to have their say, the reception could go on forever. Ideally, the wedding toast should be kept to a limited number of toasters.

A Guide To the Order of Things

The best man is expected to raise a toast to the bridal couple. The father of the bride is also expected to toast the new couple and welcome the new member of the family. Since the bride’s family is responsible for paying for the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception, the father of the bride should be gracious and thank all the guests for attending. These are usually emotional and heart felt toasts.

Brothers and sisters of both the bride and the groom will also often make a toast and wish the newlyweds a blessed union and these are typically lighthearted and jovial speeches.

Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles do not normally speak at the reception but will make their well wishes known in more private surroundings.

The groom’s parents may decide that they also want to wish the new couple a great start and this is acceptable.

Most of the friends of the bride and groom do not stand up to speak at the reception. Like grandparents and Aunts and Uncles, they will express their wishes in more intimate gatherings.

The maid of honor will sometimes be called upon to say a few words on behalf of all of the bride’s friends. This is their opportunity to wish the couple well and to tell the groom they are happy he is joining their circle of friends.

It is not uncommon for additional friends and family to decide they want to raise a glass and make a toast to the happy couple. Although this might upset some brides, most will be thankful that you took the time to express your feelings at their joyous ceremony.

If you are called upon to make a wedding toast, keep in mind that you should never make a sarcastic or crude speech at this type of event. You may think it sounds clever but it is likely that everyone else will find the remarks insulting. Keep the speech honest, simple and heartfelt.

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