“The Plus Size Evening Gowns Bible: How to choose the right plus size dress for a wedding, cocktail evening, formal event or family party” focuses on helping curvy women find the perfect dress for all occasions. Plus size fashion news site Plus-Size-Magazine.com has created its second book dedicated to full-figured women who want to look great, and embrace their curves.

For curvy women, finding plus size evening dresses can be a real chore. All curvy women want to shine at special occasions or events, but this means there is more pressure on finding a dress that is really perfect. Their options are limited , it can be hard to find the right fit and it’s not always easy to find a beautiful evening gown on a budget. This is what inspired the writers behind “The Plus Size Evening Gowns Bible”.

It’s about knowing which kind of dress works for which occasion, and how to invest in the right dress to save our readers money. Style guide “The Plus Size Evening Gowns Bible” will show women how to figure out their body shape, choose the right lingerie, find a dress for every occasion, what to remember and what to avoid when shopping for a plus size evening dress, and tips on saving money with advice on the best places to shop online and offline.

With over five years’ experience in the plus size fashion industry, we know the trials and tribulations of plus size shopping, and the kind of problems Curvy Women encounter when trying to dress fashionably and on a budget. Fit, price, lack of availability, limited choices…. Sound familiar?

You are not alone in your plus size shopping frustration! Many of our readers have asked us for solutions to their problems, and over the years we have enlisted experts and professionals to help us answer them. Use our fashion advice to arm yourself with actionable tips that fit your body type.

Table Of Contents

Introduction: Why is it so hard to find an evening gown that fits properly when you are a curvy woman?

Chapter 1 – Not all curvy women are made the same – do you even your own body shape? Here are the dresses that will best suit YOU.

Chapter 2: What are the 7 golden rules to follow? How to dress for the event, your age and your skin tone

Chapter 3 – Adele, Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian all have a secret… what it is? Shapewear! We show you how to choose the right shapewear for your body shape and how to use accessories to your advantage

Chapter 4 – Wondering which dress to wear for the festive season? Here’s our guide to the best dresses for Christmas and New Year

Chapter 5 – Are you stressing out looking for a plus size dress for a special occasion? Or a dress you can wear more than once? Whatever formal event you have coming up, we are here to help

Chapter 6 – Looking for the perfect plus size cocktail dress? We show you how to shine like a star

Chapter 7 – What words of wisdom do the professionals have to say? We talk to Anna Scholz, navabi and IGIGI

Chapter 8 – Saving money: Where can you shop for plus size evening dresses on the cheap?

Conclusion: You will be the belle of the ball!


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