You may want to ask if it’s really necessary that a band focus on a genre. The question may sound simple but its answer is really a bit more complicated that you would expect. There are certain considerations that you have look into to arrive at the right answer to this question. Here are a few:

Setting Your Financial Goals

Forming a band is one thing but selling one is where the major challenges lie. If you are aspiring to earn as a band, focusing on one genre or two genres that are closely related could be your best ticket to the bank. The truth is your chances of success would be very limited if you don’t focus on a genre. Think of successful bands that did not focus on one or two genres at the peak of their career. It’s even hard to name one right?

Considering Individual Tastes

This is why it’s very important that band mates have very similar taste for music. If you and your band mates could instantly agree on which genre to focus on, consider yourselves very lucky. This is not the case with most bands though. If you could not agree on one genre, you may want to consider using two that are very similar. What’s important is that everyone is willing to put the interest of the band above theirs. The good thing is that our personal tastes evolve through time. If you would just stick together for a long time, there is better chance that every member would grow to appreciate your music deeper.

Selecting a Genre

A good way of pointing out your group’s main genre is by letting everyone come up with a dozen of their favourite songs. Listen to them and discuss what you like about them and what are those that you find boring. Discuss which songs would resonate to your potential market and how effective are you in providing it. Talk about your competition. Could you compete with the other bands on your genre head on? If you are facing too much competition from other bands, you may want to be a bit creative by putting a distinct twist on your music.

Creating Your Own

If still you could not point out which style to focus on, why not try to come up with your own. It’s interesting to note that some genres may have been born out of the creative differences of band members. It’s like a member comes up with a song and another member thinks that it could be improved further by “importing” something from another genre. If it turns out that your fans like your “new” music better, you could create more songs around it and thus, your very own genre is born.

Source by Cristopher Laguna Abanil

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