Choosing a wedding song should be done very carefully. It should suit the style and the general atmosphere of the wedding. A wedding song can set the right mood for the occasion. In case you are having a religious wedding, then have some hymns and prayers to compliment the occasion. You will have to discuss it with your officiating priest also.

These days, the concept of wedding songs is changing. People are moving away from the formal orchestra. Couples are able to make their own choices. You may have several personal favorites, but you should be able to pick something that suits the occasion. Your choice may not be a unanimous choice. So, you should stick with something that everyone will like. You can ask close friends and relatives for their opinion on the wedding songs selection.

In a civil ceremony, you have lot more freedom to make a choice. Some venues give a list of songs, but you do not to have to stick to them if you do not like the songs. During the cocktail hours or wedding ceremony, you should always go for instrumental music. It could be classic or something more modern. It should not be too loud or too fast. Instruments like harp and piano are ideal for the occasion. Try to explore classical music from other countries also. For example, if you are serving Chinese for the wedding lunch or dinner, you could play soft Chinese instrumental music. For the dance, you can have western classical or have a disk jockey. A professional DJ does the best job because they know all the popular choices.

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