Perfect Couples Gift

She loves wine. He loves beer. If this describes you and your soul mate, or a couple you know, this is the perfect gift!

These are large, high quality glasses you will be proud to use or give to your best friends and family members. The etching is done by hand using a permanent sandblast process that creates a smooth, beautiful design. It will not come off in the dishwasher or everyday use.

A New Favorite Beer Mug and Wine Glass

These beautiful glasses will be your favorites for everyday use by you or the recipient of your thoughtful gift.

This is a set of two glasses – one beer mug and one wine glass.

The beer mug is etched with “his” and holds a full pint (16 ounces). The 19 ounce wine glass is etched with “hers” and is big enough to hold a generous pour with plenty of room to swirl and enjoy the wine’s aroma and flavor.

These glasses are elegant enough to make a wonderful gift, but they are still sturdy, substantial and comfortable feeling in your hand.

Made in the USA

Her glass is a high quality Arc International Luminarc Cachet 19 oz. wine glass – Made and Decorated in the USA.

His glass is a high quality Libbey 5901 16 ounce beer mug – also Made and Decorated in the USA.

Sandblast vs. Laser Etching

These glasses are sandblast etched by hand for a gorgeous, uniform design. Laser etching is a cheaper process which heats the glass and makes tiny cracks in the surface which show as imperfections in the design. Sandblasting is more expensive but results in a smooth, even surface that looks great no matter how closely you look.

SEARCHING FOR THE PERFECT COUPLES GIFT? If the guy loves beer and the lady loves wine, this set of one beer mug etched with “his” and one wine glass etched with “hers” will be an immediate hit. Unlike many gifts that go into the back of the closet, these glasses will be enjoyed again and again.
WHY DRINK FROM BORING, BLANK GLASSES when you can enjoy these cute glasses instead? The HIS beer mug and the HERS wine glass will put a smile on your face, and they are excellent gifts for your favorite couples: a wedding gift, anniversary gift, housewarming gift, hostess gift, or simply a gift to show you care.
THESE HIGH QUALITY MADE IN USA GLASSES are not cheap gag gifts, they are elegant, substantial and comfortable to hold and use. The wine glass is a beautiful 9″ tall, 19 ounce Luminarc Cachet stemmed glass. The beer mug is a 6″ tall, 16 ounce Libbey 5901 beer mug – it holds a full pint.
EVERYDAY FAVORITES – Our customers tell us over and over how much they enjoy drinking from these big, sturdy glasses with the beautifully hand-etched designs. Put the beer mug in the freezer before use and enjoy a frosty mug. The big 19 ounce Luminarc wine glass holds a generous pour with plenty of room to swirl and savor the wine’s aroma and taste.
INDIVIDUALLY BOXED and packed with care for gift giving. All of our orders are packed and shipped by Amazon so you can order with confidence and know you will get fast and reliable service and immediate help with any issues with your order or shipment.


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