Protect your valuable iPhone 5C with a one-of-a-kind bamboo case. The design features artwork of the infinity symbol with the word ‘love’. The case is adorned with ornate foilage on top and bottom. The infinity symbol refers to something without any limit, and is a concept known as unboundedness, itself derived from the Greek word apeiros, meaning endless. The infinity symbol is also known to represent the endless cycle of existence of birth, death and rebirth. Our iPhone 5C case is a great way to show your endless love and also make a great gift! All iMakeTheCase designs are original and not found elsewhere. NOTE: These do not fit the iPhone 5 or 5S. Our unique one piece design, and PVC trim, provides sleek aesthetics and snaps on firmly for greater durability and safety for your expensive iPhone 5C. We choose not to sell cheaper, two piece bamboo phone covers, because they are prone to splinter. Our iPhone 5C cases are made with elegant bamboo wood. Bamboo is revered as “eco-friendly” because it’s fast-growing and can yield 20 times more wood than trees. Bamboo also releases 35% more oxygen than trees of similar size. The Japanese expression “wabi-sabi” sums up the wonder of bamboo. It means, there’s beauty in imperfection. We love that each bamboo skin has it’s own unique coloration, grain and flow, and we value the opportunity to be connected to nature with these small treasures. We think it’s the perfect yin, to the high tech iPhone yang! Shipped within ONE business day after receipt of payment. Often same day. Delivery times are generally 2 – 5 business days within the US, and 5 – 10 business days for International sales. 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!Fits iPhone 5C. Does not fit iPhone 5 or 5S.


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