Wedding gifts…If you are having trouble finding the best wedding gift for the bride and groom as you are getting ready to attend their wedding, look no further! Or, if you are looking for the perfect wedding anniversary gift for the couple of many years, this is it! Need some bridal shower gifts? They work for that too! These Mr. and Mrs. koozies will be sure to get a laugh out of Mr. Right and out of Mrs. Always Right, regardless of the occasion. Plus, they will have some awesome koozies to keep their drinks cold! One of the best wedding gifts you can get at a wonderful price. Beauty truly is in the eye of the beer-holder… that is why this funny wedding gift is prefect not only as a wedding gift but also as a wedding anniversary gift, a bachelorette party gift, a bachelor party gift, or any occasion that celebrates the bride and groom, husband and wife, or couple of any kind. Aside from the humorous gesture, this funny wedding gifts premium foam koozies will serve a practical purpose in the home of the newlyweds. A standard 12-ounce can will fit “koozily” inside, and beverages will stay cool longer. As an added bonus, your hand will not get cold while you drink either! Keep these koozies accessible and nearby to the refrigerator and use them for all of your can cooling needs! And once again, don’t forget…beauty is in the eye of the beer-holder!Wedding gifts: Set of 2 foam koozies sure to make the bride and groom laugh. At least the bride anyway…
Great bridal shower gifts or great wedding gift for the couple. Or even a wedding anniversary gift for the couple!
One of the best wedding gifts and best wedding anniversary gifts you can find at very reasonable price. Even great for a honeymoon!
Funny wedding gift groom koozie fits 12-ounce cans and reads Mr. Right. Funny wedding gifts bride koozie fits 12-ounce cans and reads Mrs. Always Right. Keeps drinks cold!


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