Can you really have a Catholic destination wedding? Of course you can! You’ve probably been told, or assumed, that it couldn’t be done. That your Catholic wedding needs to take place in your home church. It just isn’t so.

Many non Catholics aren’t aware of everything that is involved in a Catholic wedding ceremony and, therefore, think all the preparations for a destination wedding are extensive. The fact is, there aren’t many more extras involved with a destination wedding. Most of what you do would have to be done with your home wedding as well.

There are many options available for a great Catholic destination wedding. You will still need to start with your home church and priest to get the ball rolling, though.

Begin about 1 year ahead of your planned date, if possible, just as you would with a traditional Catholic marriage. Start by speaking with your priest and letting him know what your plans are. He will start the paperwork necessary and arrange a date for the classes, such as an engaged encounter weekend or any other classes that your parish requires.

Next, contact the priest in the location you wish to marry. He will need the bride and groom’s names and the name of your priest. Once your priest has established that you can marry, he should contact the priest in the church that you wish to marry in.

At least 3 months before your wedding date, your priest should make sure all of the official paperwork is in to your local diocese, which will then mail authentic documents to the office of canonical affairs where you wish to marry.

All of your plans for music, choice of readings and other details for the ceremony need to be completed with the priest where you will marry.

Be sure to check into the marriage laws where you want to marry. Some states or countries will allow you to mail away for your license and some require you to actually be there. Be sure to check into this early. Some places are very easy to get a license in while others may have a list of requirements for you to meet.

If you decide to have a Catholic destination wedding, you will definitely have wonderful memories for you and your guests. You’ll find, even though there are many things to do, you would need to do most of them for a home wedding anyway. If this is something you’re thinking and dreaming of, go ahead and check into your favorite location.

Source by Brenda Roman

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