Gone are the days when weddings were mundane and traditional. Couples now have more choices when it comes to their venue, limited only by their taste and budget.

An increasingly popular trend now is for couples to hold a destination wedding. This refers to events celebrated in other places, most often far from the locality where they or their families reside. While it is definitely out of the ordinary, it is best to know the pros and cons of these types of events first before you dive in and follow the trend.


If you like the idea of eloping then a destination wedding would be a closer and a much better idea. If you want to get married privately and without the ruckus usually generated by a wedding then this is it. Getting married in a far away island where only your closest friends and relatives can go to can get you the privacy you desire.

While a destination event can cost you in terms of transportation and hotel fees, it is generally cheaper than a traditional affair since you no longer have to fly out for your honeymoon. You can also save up on expensive wedding clothes, reception and favors.

A destination will also save you from the insanity that can result from wedding planning pressure. After the engagement announcement, there is a tendency for people around you to give unsolicited advice until your mind is bursting with so many ideas you start having migraines. Don’t worry because you can still be saved from this predicament, thanks to destination weddings.


Your family and friends may feel left out with your celebration. Of course, you can always send them an invitation but what if they cannot afford to fly to the wedding destination? In most cases, the couple that wants their families with them during the event will have to shell out more either for the transportation or accommodation of their families.

If you are bent on having your family and friends witness your union then you may have to distribute your invitations early to give them enough time to prepare for the trip. This can mean extra pressure on you since you have to decide on the important aspects that should be included in the information.

You are among the luckiest couples in the world if your friends decide to spend money just so they can attend your wedding no matter where it is. However, do not expect a lot of presents since most guests would no longer buy anything and will consider their presence as their gift to you.

Source by Amanda Jane

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