Your wedding is undoubtedly the most special day at your entire life. So why not make it a destination wedding? More and more couples are turning away from traditional wedding ceremonies, and are celebrating more exotic weddings. Who doesn’t dream of being married in the warm ocean surf, or atop an inactive volcano, or a lush tropical paradise?

When planning your destination wedding you need to keep a couple of things in mind. First of all is the location. Are your guests going to be able to afford the travel expense to get to your destination? The wedding in a tropical jungle in Costa Rica sounds romantic, but if your relatives all live in North Dakota, the cost of airfare alone may prohibit them from attending your wedding. Another consideration when planning your destination wedding is the cost of lodging. Many resorts offer wedding packages which can save you thousands of dollars. Typically, these packages include rooms for you and your guests, food, the actual wedding ceremony, and even the cake.

Why not choose a destination wedding based on a sport, interest, or hobby. Popular choices includes golf weddings, castle weddings, beach wedding, or even horseback weddings. I have even attended a “Star Wars” wedding complete with characters costumed as movie characters! Your destination wedding doesn’t need to be far away…sometimes far out is as memorable as far away!

So whether you choose a destination wedding close to home or far away, the considerations you must take into account include your budget, the distance to your destination, and whether or not you will invite family and friends.

Source by Dean Novosat

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