Florida is a wonderful state, the weather is great and there are sandy beaches for miles. It makes you feel like you are off on some tropical island without having to travel to one. That is why Florida is a popular destination for weddings. You will be able to find plenty of Florida wedding packages at affordable rates. Many couples like the idea of having their wedding with a close knit group of friends and family out in the sun with the ocean right beside them. Florida is much more convenient for guests to get to than say some island out in the Caribbean.

The great thing about Florida is that there are so many places within that state to have a perfect beach wedding. Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Key West are just some of the many options available in most Florida wedding packages. These wedding packages usually come with the location for the ceremony as well as reception, photographer, general decorations, music and food. There are so many resorts in the different cities that offer these all-inclusive packages, it’s easy to shop around until you find the one that best suits your needs.

Florida wedding packages are so affordable, because the cost of everything else involved in the wedding is all included. If you were to book all these vendors separately, you will find that the amount added up will be more than going with an all-inclusive wedding package. Another bonus is that the accommodations and activities for your loved ones will be easily organized since all of you will most likely be staying at the same resort or hotel. The best part is you are not left dealing with all the stress of planning a wedding. There is usually a planner on hand to help you sort through the details so you can have the wedding of your dreams.

Having a wedding in Florida guarantees that you and your guests will have a fun and relaxing time. A ceremony at the beach can be extremely romantic, without all the frills. Instead of an extravagant affair, your wedding becomes more casual and intimate. However just because you are in Florida does not mean you are only limited to having a wedding on the beach. In fact there are many great venues to have a wedding, there are beautiful gardens with a gazebo, small chapels or at the resort.

Let’s not forget that Disney World is right around the corner. Believe it or not, Disney World can be a magical place to have a wedding. They have their very own wedding pavilion, offering couples a choice between beach, resort, spa or garden weddings. Not only does the bride get to feel like a real princess on her wedding day, there is so much to do. There is no need to plan entertainment for you wedding guests, their days and nights will be filled with wonderful activities.

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