So you have decided that an island wedding is the best way to start your life together as man and wife. Or maybe you are still trying to decide if this is actually the best way to go.

Truth is Island Destination Weddings have become quite popular over the last 20 years or so and with tourism now the mainstay of many an island’s economy, island weddings are clearly set to increase. Just take a look at the newsstands and you are likely to be amazed by the sheer volume of destination wedding magazines to be found.

Here are seven tips that will either confirm that you have made the right decision, or show the undecided bride why an island wedding may be just right for you.

  1. With a much reduced guest list you will save a ton of money even after paying for airfare and accommodations. The money saved can go towards so many other things, from paying down your students’ loans to being the down payment on a new hybrid car, or better still, a new home!
  2. Remember to KISS…not the lip locking thingy, but instead, just Keep It Simple Sally. Most island resorts have competent and experienced wedding coordinators who can take care of your most demanding requests while hardly breaking a sweat. Same goes if you have contracted the services of a reputable island wedding planner.
  3. The legal requirements for getting married in the Caribbean are extremely simple, with some islands requiring you to be a resident for as little as 48 hours!
  4. Not only will you be having your wedding at an exotic destination, but you will already be at an unforgettable honeymoon location.
  5. With so much competition among major travel destinations there is always a deal floating around and it only requires a little effort to unearth these gems. Pick up any major newspaper or check your TV ads and you are likely to find resorts that are picking up all, or part of your travel costs, offering discounted room rates, or maybe even both!
  6. Your exotic location is the ideal place for newlywed romance interspersed with bouts of sitting together and charting a course for your life’s journey. Your island Weddingmoon can be a time for discovering new people, places, excursions, etc, as well as a time for quiet contemplation of all that life may have in store for you and your new hubby!
  7. Stunningly amazing wedding photography. Where else will you find golden palm trees set amongst lush tropical gardens, nestled next to sun kissed, pink tinged, coral sand beaches? Now imagine this as the backdrop for your wedding photography. You can almost feel the ocean lapping at your toes as you and Prince Charming stroll along the shore totally in sync with your Master Island Photographer as he invites you to look lovingly into each other’s eyes, holding your champagne flutes sufficiently high that you smell the delicate bouquet of the grapes, but not so high that the glasses block your faces.

    Then imagine your absolute delight when immediately after your wedding you see your pictures and discover that the golden orb of the setting sun is right behind you on the distant horizon…Gosh – could there be a better reason for a wedding in the islands?

Source by Kirk Elliott

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