Save the Date Announcements

Save the dates are essential for a wedding that is set in a location that is not where the bridal couple’s home town is. A save the date is a wedding announcement that is sent to every close friend and relative that you would like to announce your upcoming nuptials. You would also want to send a save the date to the individuals who will be invited to your destination wedding and also to your bridal party (if you are going to have one).

Tip: Order and send out your save the dates as soon as your set your date. This will give the guests a way in advance heads up about your wedding.

A save the date for a destination wedding should have some key pieces of information printed on it:

  • the date of your wedding
  • location of the wedding
  • You can should include hotel and travel information with the save the date so that the guests can plan for travel to your destination wedding well in advance.
  • Destination save the dates with a beach is very popular for an island destination. This will get your guests in the mood to travel when they see bright blue water against the welcoming sand. Or maybe you would like to send a save the date in the shape of a suitcase. There are even announcements in the shape of fish, shells and palm trees.

    Another popular idea is the save the date is a magnet. Magnet save the date announcements come in different styles. Even though most of them are no bigger than a business card, these magnets are for placing on a refrigerator or a location where it will be seen on a regular basis to remind your guest of the upcoming nuptials.

    Most save the date magnets are very stylish. I like recommend a bright magnet so that it will stand out (especially if the ‘frig’ is cluttered full of notes like mine). I also think it should have the date of the wedding in very plain and large text. They way they will be sure to see it! I would stay away from the scratch offs. They seem to confuse guests on what to do with them.

    Save the date postcards are also available to send with all the pertinent information for your upcoming destination wedding. This postcard is sent out in the mail. It is not intended to be put inside an envelope. My favorite one is the save the date postcard with candy hearts. Inside the candy hearts is “save the date” printed in a very cute font.

    About the author: Kim Lapp owner and web designer Kim has owned Sandstone Invitations, an online wedding invitations company, since 1999.

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