This is a million dollar question. Every bride-to-be will debate in her mind about what to wear to destination weddings. After all, a bride should be the one to be the best dressed at the ceremony and why not you deserve to look so. But do not brood over for long.

We have some good tips to brides to be on what to wear for a destination wedding!

Be clear on how you want yourself to look, a chic style or a formal conservative style whatever be clear. Now hunt for a good and a trustworthy designer who can give you a great design yet at your budget range. You can even go for the amateur designers and speak to them of the kind you are looking and surprisingly they would design one at very low charges. However, make sure they would not mess up at the last moment

Dish out your sister’s or mom’s wedding gear and you may think of some design changes to them and get done for your wedding wear. This ensures at least one thing no one can duplicate your design.

Accessorizing the wedding gear is an important thing to look at and you can pour in your creativity into it if you really are. Simple addition of beads or sequins or Swarovski crystals to your wedding wear, will give it a unique look. However, make sure that they are no pricking accessories. Augment the wedding gown with a stylishly designed hat and jewelry. See that these complement the wedding gown well. Also get your footwear designed and complementing your dress.

For a conventional formal wedding the best wear would be a floor-length gown with gloves and a shawl. Make it designed in a unique way and accessorize it.

However, for an informal wedding, the dress can be a long gown with chapel train or without a chapel train or even a two-piece dress in colors of white, silver or gold will be okay.

Whether it is a formal wedding or an informal wedding the bride deserves to look her very best. It is her destination wedding and she should be looking best on her day.

It is similar with the grooms. He can wish to be dressed either formal or informal, but certainly can look their very best with comfortable and breathing fabrics in elegant colors and good fitting designs. Accessories such as the bow, the shoes and the belt, watch should be complementing to the mood as well as the dress.

Source by Yolanda Nash

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