Your wedding pictures are the proof that an event ever took place. They are the recordings of your ceremony. The pictures capture the style, the faces and the mood for your occasion. The best photos are the ones that you took a lot of time to arrange for. We present a checklist for an effective and memorable photograph preparation for your wedding.

Be sure about the credentials of the one going to take your pictures. Try to get as many references as possible. Visit bridal shows talk to the photographers association, get recommendations or look up the internet. After you are able to get one or two people you feel qualified for the job, call on them in person.

The kind of photographers you choose will depend on your budget. A local photographer who works alone will charge lower than a company which has a group of photographers.

At the initial meeting you are going to satisfy yourself that the professional is the right choice and will give you the pictures you need. Before arriving at any particular choice, get to know about his previous experience and the type of events he has covered. You do not want a photographer who has previously only covered sports to take your pictures. He must have specialized experience in wedding or formal occasions.

During the familiarization meeting, let him show the kind of pictures he will be taking. Some couples would only want pictures about themselves; others want you to include the guests as well. Some may have a quota on how many pictures the photographer would take and others would just allow him to take as many as possible.

You should also discuss with him whether you want spontaneous shots or posed one. Each style has it advantages and disadvantages. The spontaneous shots will make the photos look quite exciting, natural and story like. Posed shots would make the guest look their best as they would have been readied for the shots.

Source by Amanda Jane

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