Easy wedding checklist ensures that you have not missed out on an important detail. There will be several things to be done much, before the actual big day and organizing them in a checklist format and sticking by the checklist will keep your worry at bay.

Start well in advance probably after your engagement.

Consult a wedding planner if need be.

Fix a wedding day and time.

Lay down initial budget (be sure it is only an approximate estimate and the real expenses could be more

than that) based on the wedding formality and size.

Book sites for wedding and reception.

Determine the number of guests (again it will be an approximate number it can go up or come down with time) and start making guest list for both wedding as well as reception.

Fix places to go on a honeymoon and lay some budget for it.

Start shopping for the wedding robes and rings, and if you wish so, order for engraving on rings.

Talk with the person who would be officiating the wedding.

Arrange for music and decoration and other procedure at the wedding ceremony.

Pick out the bible verses and also songs to be played at the wedding.

Also select the music to be played at the reception.

Arrange a rehearsal dinner.

Make a list of menu possibilities from your caterer.

Meet your baker, photographer and florist.

Meet the gift and department store people.

Meet the concerned person of the venue and discuss the reception details.

Meet your travel agent to book tickets as well as hotel suites for your honeymoon.

Visit family physician and a dentist.

Order for invitations and other wedding related stationery.

Purchase groom and groomsmen’s attire. Likewise, purchase the attire and schedule fittings for a bride and bridesmaids. Buy the wedding album and guest writing books.

Purchase the groomsmen and bridesmaids gifts and other wedding keepsake favors, if you wish to gift your guests any.

As time runs by nearing the wedding date, start addressing the invitations (with a wedding site location drawn on them) and mail them duly to out-of-town guests and invite your local guests in person.

Get the bridal portraits taken duly.

Make accommodation arrangements for outstation guests and wedding attendants.

Make all transport arrangements for the guests as well as the brides and the grooms parties separately at

the wedding and the reception sites.

Write wedding pronouncement for newspapers.

Change the insurance policies, bank and charge accounts, will (if any), driver’s license and Social Security number to reflect any name and/or address change post wedding.

Setup tables for wedding gifts.

Make arrangements to duly record the gifts and write thank-you notes as gifts come in.

Invite guests to the rehearsal dinner.

Make arrangements to throw floral petals or rice or confetti for throwing as you leave the reception.

Make arrangements for a dressing place for the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Double-check all arrangements and ensure things are in place as per your plan.

Get blood test done for acquiring marriage license.

Give to your photographer a checklist of desired photographs.

Lay out a seating plan at reception for all the guests invited.

Pack necessary things for the honeymoon trip.

A day before the wedding, get hair, manicure and pedicure done.

And on the big day, things happening as per your plan, you can certainly enjoy all those moments of a lifetime.

Happy Wedded Bliss!!

Source by Yolanda Nash

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