It Is the plan of God that all His sons and daughters should get married at the right time. God does not take delight in your loneliness when you ought to have been married. Do you want to get married on time? The following points may be a flight that will take you there:

1. Prayer: Nothing good comes easy and since marriage is a good thing, you need to take it serious on the altar of prayer. Majority of people do not bother to pray about their marital life until they are ripe for marriage. It is better you start praying early enough before you are ready for marriage. If you discover that many people in your family married late, then it is better you start breaking the curse of marital delay in your life.

2. Forgiveness: If you want God to swing into action concerning your marital life, you have to forgive people who have offended you in the past. Most times those experiencing marital delay are keeping grudges against people that jilted them in the past. Until you forgive, your heavenly father will not answer you and the devil is still empowered by your unforgiving spirit to place embargo on your marriage.

3. Be Friendly: If you are really in need of an husband or a wife, then make yourself friendly. If you are the type that is hostile to people, nobody will want you for a suitor. Be approachable; stop hindering yourself from getting married on time. Marriage is friendship. Learn to make and keep friends.

4. Do not be Choosy: It has been discovered that some of the people experiencing marital delay now actually caused it due to their attitude of being too choosy when they are at the prime of their age. Discard all your list of standard; do not major on physical appearance or material things. His future glory may be hidden now, it takes a spiritually minded person to discover it.

5. Right Location: Always endeavour to be in the right location and in the right company. You cannot be searching for a partner in the midst of the married. Join the singles forum and attend their meetings.

6. Build Self-esteem: Develop a mindset that you are somebody who deserved to be admired and respected. Celebrate your facial look, hair and body structure. Stop looking down on yourself. Do not allow this emotional weakness push you into marital error

Source by Bisi Adewale

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