This is a wedding planning checklist comprising of the main things needed to do in the period of 1 month before the wedding to 3 weeks before the wedding:

One Month before the Wedding:

o Select a wedding photographer and videographer.

o Check with you local government about any further required documentation.

o Finalize the date with the person that will be officiating at your wedding.

o Agree on an emcee (if you are going to have one) and make a rough-draft outline of the wedding reception.

o Select a band or DJ to perform at your reception and the melody to be played for the first dance.

o Select a hairdresser and schedule an appointment for your hairdo and make-up.

o Order your honeymoon package from a travel agent.

o Book a hotel room for your first wedding night.

o Select a bakery to create a multi-tiered wedding cake.

o Book your limousine and calculate the number of cars needed for the wedding convoy. Also think about how to decorate the cars with balloons and ribbons.

o Finalize the banquet hall, discuss the wedding menu, and do not forget to specify the details of the decorating.

Three Weeks before the Wedding:

o Make sure that all of the wedding invitation RSVP’s were returned from the recipients. Calculate the number of guests that have confirmed their participation in your wedding.

o Meet with the emcee (if you are having one) and develop a detailed plan for the celebration. Order “the props” necessary for your wedding script.

o Confirm the participation of all professionals that will provide you with services for your wedding.

o Select and order the bridal bouquet and boutonniere.

o Do not forget to buy underwear and accessories for your wedding attire.

o Make a list of desired gifts and give them to your guests. They should have enough time to buy them.

o Discuss with your wedding photographer and/or videographer the route of your wedding. Listen to his/her opinion and advice.

o Invite your friends to a stag or hen party.

o Make a detailed plan for the wedding day.

o Prepare for your honeymoon.

There are other things, which need to be done up to half a year prior to your wedding, and as close as 1-3 days before your wedding. In general, the more details you compose in your wedding planning checklist, the smoother your wedding will go.

Source by Adam Gaines

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