I just wanted to drop a little note because it has come to my attention that there are folks on Reddit that are posting some incorrect statements about RDevine. Now, while everyone is entitled to their opinion…..I would just like to clear some things up.

We work closely with our own factory and are able to make quality dresses at an affordable price. While everyone is entitled to their opinion, comments like “you’re probably going to get a shoddily made Chinese knock-off that looks nothing like your dress” really isn’t necessary. You have never have done business with us, so you don’t know the quality of the product. Nor do you run a business in the wedding industry. If you did, you would know that those designer gowns that people pay so much for….actually are worth a fraction of the cost. It’s the name that you are paying for. In addition, if doing proper research…..you would know that a large number of wedding dresses in this world are made overseas. Actually…..most EVERYTHING nowadays is produced overseas.

The designs from couture dress designers on our website are put up to show all the designs that we are able to produce. We have our own factory and work closely with them, and when choosing to start this business, we searched for popular dress designs as well as unique dress designs that the general population likes.

We do not have any inventory or stock laying around….and aren’t buying and reselling dresses. If you notice, we ask for the bride’s measurements so we can customize it to them. Not too mention….when a bride chooses to have us make their dress, we keep them up to date constantly with pictures and emails so they know exactly what they are getting. We maintain 100% transparency throughout the entire process.

I am more than happy to send any pictures of my own personal dress design and production process from my recent wedding….as well as other real photos of past bride’s dresses. In fact, if you look on our Facebook page…..I actually have posted photos from my wedding….where you can see my dress, my veil, the tuxes etc. that were designed and produced through my company RDevine.

I’ve gotten nothing but good feedback from everywhere else….and I’d hate for an incorrect, unwarranted post about the company to deter others, just because someone wasn’t well informed.

If YOU prefer to pay thousands of dollars for the same product, by all means we will not deter you. We actually support other businesses in the industry. I do ask however, that before you start to speak on behalf of RDevine….you do your research. Or, as a matter of fact…..feel free to shoot me an email at info@rdevine…..I’m more than happy to answer any of your questions.

That being said….I hope everyone has a great Friday.

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