Hi everyone.
I would like to ask you for opinion, reviews maybe, on wedding dresses ordered online from china.
I have found 3 shops:



and a shop from aliexpress:


Has any of you got some experience with any of them?
From what I read jasmines bridal are the best, but their price is almost as high as a custom made dress from seamstress in my country.

I also found good reviews in the dressilyme, but mainly on the dresses that they already had in their catalogue. If it comes to having custom made style of the dress, apparently they’re not as good- and I would like to have a combination of 2 from their dresses.

I’m now really interested in the third shop- amanda novias,
i like this dress (I would like to have the bottom- skirt narrower, I don’t want it so puffy)
they only have good rewievs on aliexpress, I can’t find many anywhere else. If anyone ordered from them please let me know, I would really appreciate close up pictures!

If these details are revelant: I am a medium height, 10/12 UK and I would definitely take the dress to a local seamstress anyway.

Please let me know what you think, my worry is that the dress/ lace will look cheap.

please help:)

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