Alright, straight up, dress regret was a thing for me. Could’ve been that I couldn’t put it on alone and therefor fell out of love. Maybe I didn’t love it entirely to begin with. Either way, it happened. I wasn’t looking… I swear, but you know how pinterest is. You’re looking for inspiration for decor and suddenly, things come at you like you were looking for it all along.

Well, that’s what did it. I found this beautiful skirt through and Etsy seller. Amazing reviews. And then I thought, no, maybe I can change my current dress to similar of this skirt without buying it. Not the case, I spoke to 3 different alterations locations in my town and each told me they can’t make my skirt into THEE skirt. So… Obviously I bought the skirt.

I see a previous alterations lady on Saturday to see if she can take the top part off of my current dress and attach it to my soon to be, paid for but not yet made because I have to pick the colors, skirt.

Here’s my request for help/ideas/solutions… If the top isn’t able to be attached… Or heck… Even if it is but I don’t like the way it’ll look… I’ll need to find a top for the skirt. I’m a slightly modest type of gal, leaning towards sweetheart cuts, capped sleeves..etc. I can’t seem to find something that would go well with my skirt. Well, thats not 100% true. I found a few things I liked, but they’re out of stock or far out of my price range

I’ve been looking at bodysuits, because they seem like they’d be a good option… But I don’t thing I’ve ever worn one… Even back in the 80s/90s when they were a thing.

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