I've been warned this would happen. I thought it would only happen to brides who have been planning their wedding for months and suddenly have all this free time and a feeling of emptiness after it has passed. We've really only planned ours the few weeks before. At first I was glad it was over with. It was absolutely perfect, and I no longer had to worry about dieting, break outs, etc. But immediately after the wedding, my husband got depressed thinking about how this was our only opportunity to have everyone in our lives together, and how there likely is no way any other celebration in the future would come close to this. In trying to cheer him up about how this is just the beginning (kids, future accomplishments in our careers, buying a house etc), I, too, began to realize that this will probably be the day I would want to relive my whole life…and it has passed. We're looking forward to our lives together, but will any single event come close?

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