It is one thing to pull off a fantastic and interesting Halloween wedding ceremony but to make the best Halloween wedding invitation wording is another thing.

Okay, you are done with all the details and cost of your gown. You are already done with the venue of the wedding and the reception. The food and drinks to be served are already settled. Practically everything pertaining to your Halloween wedding is already set. However, you are still stuck with an issue that you least expect to be a trouble at all: the Halloween wedding invitation wording.

The design of the wedding invitation may be something that can initially and instantly catch our attention; but it is the wording of the invites that really make it worth reading.

Tips #1 – If you are thinking about how a Halloween wedding invitation wording should go just think out of the box. You had already made the wedding itself so interesting so do not settle with a cheesy invitation. To start with, avoid these lines:

“Marriage is like a paradise

That is so difficult to find…” or

“Finally, two hearts have met

And we would like to share with you

The joy and great love

That we now have in common…” and

“At last, two people finally found

each other’s love that makes them whole…”

Notice that these lines are very cheesy and too poetic. Not all people will find this kind of wording to be encouraging and interesting. They will most likely think that your wedding is boring, which is certainly not the case. And besides, it totally does not speak about the theme of your wedding. It almost looks like they are being invited to a fairy tale inspired wedding.

Tip #2 – To make the invitation reflect the theme of your wedding, you must incorporate some Halloween terms in the wordings but avoid being too graphical. Include the terms “moonlight”, “spooky evening”, or “creepy celebration”.

Never include terms that will blatantly describe your Halloween inspired wedding with horror figures like vampires, zombies, witches, and werewolves. These terms are too graphical and do not leave something for the imagination. Furthermore, avoid pessimistic terms like “death” since your wedding is totally not about death. Some off the more interesting Halloween wedding invitation wording are as follows:

“The girl who ensnared him

With her love and beauty…”

Notice that the word “ensnare” is a witchcraft term.

Tip #3 – Just makes the wording short. Just include the necessary details relevant to the guests. limit the information in the initiation to the name of the couple, the purpose of the invitation, the place, date and time, attire (it is up to you if you will require them to wear Halloween costumes, too), and if food and merriment will follow.

These are just some of the ways on how to make the wordings of your wedding invitation complement your theme. Just remember though that the Halloween wedding invitation wording should only be secondary to the purpose of the occasion.

Source by Cindy Rhyes

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