There is a lot of focus on the role played at a wedding by the mother of the bride. But there is another very important family member that should not be overlooked, and that is the grandmother of the bride. Find special ways to include your grandmother in your wedding.

Some women are very close to their grandmothers, and other see them only once in a while. Whether you are one of lucky ones that has a close relationship or not, you will want to find ways to honor your grandmother at your wedding. There are many things that a bride can do to show her love and respect for the older generation.

A very simple thing to do is to give your grandmother a corsage to wear at the wedding. You should also ensure that she is seated at a place of honor during both the ceremony and the reception. This means that your grandmother should sit in one of the first few pew or rows for the marriage service, and at a table near the bride and groom’s table for the wedding dinner. As a general rule of thumb, always seat elderly guests away from the music speakers during dinner so that they can hear the conversation at the table. These may sound like very obvious suggestions, but it would be very easy to forget to make the arrangements during the whirlwind of planning a wedding.

Often the bride and groom will give special gifts of jewelry to their mothers before the wedding. When shopping for wedding jewelry gifts, remember to pick up a little something for your grandmothers as well. Choose something that reflects her personality. If you are unsure, pearls are always a lovely and classic gift for a woman of any age. However, if your grandmother is anything like mine, she would prefer her jewelry to shine and sparkle!

A wonderful way to honor your grandmother is to incorporate a detail from her wedding into your own nuptials. If you are fortunate enough to have her bridal gown, it would be quite a tribute to your grandmother to wear it for your wedding. A talented seamstress will be able to refit and update a vintage gown to make it perfect for a modern bride.

Your grandmother will be touched if you decide to carry a replica of her wedding bouquet. She will no doubt recall her wedding flowers with great fondness, and would be tickled pink to watch her granddaughter carry those same blossoms down the aisle. Another way to honor your grandmother would be to dance your first dance to the same song that she and your grandfather chose for their song.

A very easy thing that a bride can do to make her grandmother feel included is to simply include her. Ask her opinion on the food or the flowers. Invite her to a gown fitting if she lives nearby; email her a picture of your gown if she lives far away. You could also ask your grandmother to take on a ceremonial role at the wedding, perhaps as the person in charge of the guest book.

Even if your grandmother is no longer living, it does not mean that you cannot still honor her memory in your wedding. One bride I knew decided to have her wedding on the birthday of her beloved grandmother. Other nice tributes include having her picture displayed at your wedding or lighting a candle in her memory.

Grandmothers are very special people. When you are planning your wedding, take the time to find ways to show your grandmother how much she means to you. Including your grandmother in your wedding will help to make a special day even more meaningful.

Source by Bridget Mora

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