Wedding invitations require a lot of thinking in order to be perfect for your ceremony. Why? Because to achieve perfection, your invitations must really represent your marriage. They must speak for you and not about you or about the reception or the ceremony or anything…

Although I always recommend my clients not to use wordings from other wedding invitations, some wedding invitation verses can be modified for your convenience. Below I will list a few verses I like that you may use or modify to include it in your wedding invitations.

In the spirit of the season

We have found the perfect reason

To gather our friends and family

To celebrate all in harmony…

Our wedding day,

A new life has a start

We’ll share with each other

One love, one dream,

One heart…

The adventure has begun

to share all the days of our lives

As we shall become one

as the moment arrives…

The weather outside may be frightful

but the wedding inside will be delightful…

What begun only as fun

Has become true love

We want our friends and family to get a hold of

Ourselves as we become one…

It is a good idea to begin your wedding invitations with these kinds of verses because it gives your cards more personality. Instead of starting out your invitation with your name’s or something like that, start them with a quick rhyme to lighten up your guests; use creative wording for wedding invitations.

The verses listed above are somewhat generic and might not suit your invitation. That is why you must think of something that combines with you, your partner and the wedding theme. Aside from you invitation wording, including a picture is also a good idea, but you have to be careful it doesn’t look too cheesy. I recommend you to go to a professional and ask him o her to take your pictures.

Source by Rebecca Foster

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