One of the most important steps in the process of ordering your wedding invitations is writing the wedding invitation wording.

Formal wedding invitations should follow proper wedding invitation etiquette. All invites, whether formal, casual or traditional or non-traditional should include the following:

* Bride’s and Groom’s full names (including middle names for formal invites)

* Day and date of the wedding

* The year should be written out on the next line following the date

* Time of the wedding

* Location of the wedding (formal wedding invitations usually just include the name of the church or building, while less formal or casual wedding invitations might also include the street address)

* City and State (do not include zip code)

Those are the essentials, the things that you absolutely MUST include in your wedding invitation wording. Other than that, you can be very creative with the rest of the wording. If you are having a non-traditional wedding, do not feel like you must follow all of the rules of etiquette. You can add a favorite poem, scripture or verse. Or you could write something to reflect your own personal story of how you met and why you are getting married. You could even use a verse that relates to the season in which you are getting married.

Some other things you must think about when writing your wedding invitation wording are things like:

* Who is doing the inviting. (Bride’s parents, Bride’s and Groom’s parents, Bride and Groom, Children of Bride and Groom, etc.)

* If the Bride’s or Groom’s parents are deceased

* If the Bride’s or Groom’s parents are divorced

* If it is a second (or third or fourth) marriage

* If the wedding is being held in a Church or at a Home or other non-church location

Here are some samples of wedding invitation wording where the Bride and Groom are doing the inviting:

With joyous hearts

we invite you to attend

the wedding of

LaJune Nashea Hamilton


Donovan Ramond Williamson

Saturday, the twenty-fifth of April

Two thousand and ten

at five thirty in the evening

Venetian Terrace

215 Mandalay Canal

Arlington, Texas


Please join us

for a celebration of

Love, friendship, laughter, and family


Audrey Davidson


Donny Wolverton

Join their hands in holy matrimony

Saturday, August 22

two thousand and ten

at six o’clock in the evening

Windy Road Ranch

Lubbock, Texas


Together With Their Parents And Family

Luanna Gutierrez


Ryan Jacob Dominguez

Request The Honour Of Your Presence

As They Join Hands In Holy Matrimony

Saturday, The Twenty-First Of November

Two Thousand And Nine

At One O’clock In The Afternoon

Holy Spirit Catholic Church

Hemet, California


Because you have shared in

our lives

by your friendship and love we,

Nicole Bernadette Cypert


Nicholas Thomas Jacobson

together with our parents

invite you to share

the beginning of our new life together

when we exchange marriage vows

on Friday, the ninth of May

two thousand eleven

at five o’clock in the evening

Paradise Country Club

Madison, Wisconson


You are invited to a celebration

of the beginning of our new life together

as Mari D’Lynn Martin


Colton Jeremy Jamison

are united as husband and wife

Friday, the twenty-seventh of March

two thousand and ten

at two o’clock in the afternoon

First Baptist Church

Jersey City, New Jersey


We joyfully invite you to our wedding celebration.

On this day we will marry the one

we laugh with, live for, dream with, and love.

Please join

Kathryn Marie Longbotham


Miles David Thornton

at seven o’clock in the evening

on Friday, June twenty-sixth

two thousand and ten

Wenten Chapel

Roanoke, Virginia


The honor of your presence

is requested at the marriage of

Allysa Lauren Montgomery,

daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Paul Montgomery


Bodie Todd Forseman

son of Mr. and Mrs. Scott B. Forseman

Sunday, the eleventh of August

Two thousand and eleven

at two o’clock in the afternoon

Our Lady of Guadalupe Cathedral

Santa Fe, New Mexico


Again, these are just samples of wedding invitation wording. Brides and grooms can get creative and create their own unique wording for their wedding invitation. But these are the basics. If the wedding is more casual, rather than formal, the wording on the wedding invitation can be more casual as well and does not necessarily have to follow all of the proper wedding invitation etiquette rules. One thing to keep in mind though, is that most people are constantly in a hurry and tend to skim whatever they are reading. So, you might want to keep your wording fairly basic.

Tip: Make sure to get someone who has never seen your wedding invitation before to proof read the final copy. They will often find errors which you have missed because you have become too familiar with the wording. Ask them to check the date with a calendar to make sure the date is correct. They should also check for spelling errors as well as grammar. Have them read it out loud to see if everything flows and makes sense.

Source by JoDitt Williams

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