Get the ultimate resource for wedding invitation etiquette. Whether you are doing your own wedding planning or hiring a wedding planner, you still need to navigate your way through wedding invitation etiquette. Whether you DIY your wedding invitations or use a traditional printer, you need to know the rules if want to you break them, so here are the rules of etiquette and formatting, from classic wedding invitations to modern wordings for contemporary families. Learn what to send and when, and how to get those reply cards back.

Are your divorced parents hosting together, but separately? Do all three step-parents want to be listed by name? See extensive options in chapter 2.

Have a Judge for a father, a Doctor for a mother, a Minister or Colonel for a bride and groom? Chapter 4 is all yours.

For second marriages, blending of families, and invitations issued by your children, see chapter 7.

Commitment ceremony? Halloween wedding? Hosting your wedding in your own backyard garden? Great! With over 301 wedding, bridal showers and rehearsal dinner invitation wordings to choose from (okay, it is really 330, all told) one of these will feel a fit for your wedding.

Happy planning!

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Who is Hosting?

– Bride’s Parents Hosting

– Both the Bride and Groom’s Parents Hosting

– Bride and Groom Hosting

– Bride, Groom, and Parents or Family Hosting

– Friend or Relative of the Bride Hosting

– Parents of the Groom Hosting

Chapter 2: Divorced and Widowed Parents

– Bride’s Parents Divorced, Issuing the invitation together

– Bride’s Parents Divorced

– Groom’s Parents Divorced

– Both Bride and Groom’s Parents Divorced

– Including all Parents without listing by name

– Bride’s Mother not Remarried

– Bride’s Mother Remarried

– If Mother Resumed use of her Maiden Name

– Step-Parents: Bride’s Mother and Step-Father Hosting

– Step-Parents: Bride’s Father and Step-Mother Hosting

– Divorced Parents: Issuing Separate Invitations:

– Divorced Parents: One issuing ceremony invitation, the other issuing the reception invitation

– Widowed Mother: Not Remarried

– Widowed Mother: Remarried

– Widowed Father

– Deceased Parent

Chapter 3: Commitment Ceremonies and Civil Union Invitations and Announcements

– Commitment Ceremonies and Civil Union Invitations

– Announcements and Reception Invitations

Chapter 4: Doctors, Ministers, Judges and Military titles

Chapter 5: Seasonal and Holiday Weddings

– Winter Holiday Weddings

– New Year’s Weddings

– Autumn Weddings

– Halloween Weddings

– Spring and Summer Weddings

Chapter 6: Destination, Outdoor Weddings and Weddings held at residences

Chapter 7: Second Marriages

Chapter 8: Save the Dates

Chapter 9: Engagement Parties, Bridal Showers, Brunch and Tea, Bachelorette Celebrations

Chapter 10: Rehearsal Dinners

Chapter 11: Enclosure Cards

– Reception Card

– Festivities Card

– Response Card

– Reminder Card

Chapter 12: Wedding Announcements and Reception Invitations, Postponement and


Final Words

Get the book that delves into deeper wedding etiquette for invitations than any wedding website, wedding etiquette book or bridal magazine, guaranteed, or your money back.

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